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나는 한국 사람이 아니다

I'm not Korean

한국 사람이 아니다
1 June 1965
I'm from Northern California, living in Boston. I don't drive.
I'm a Gemini, born in the year of the Snake. My husband and I live with a One-Eyed Abyssinian, an Asian (smoke European Burmese) and a white tornado.
Nice to meet you.

My 411: I am an all or nothing person. I hate completely and I love utterly, and I don't mince words when I do it. I'm passionate (in the frenzied zealot way), opinionated, snarky and do not suffer fools lightly.

When I love something, I post about it. A LOT. Same goes for things I hate or that piss me off. I try to be good about cutting really long rants, but sometimes I want to leave them there so people read them. You've been warned.

Things I love: Cats (especially Abyssinians). The Red Sox. Boston. Cities in general. Asian culture. Lost. Chuck. Psych. Flight of the Conchords. TV and Movies in general. Macs. Obama. Canada. Macros. Food. You're going to see a lot of posts about these things. I also do artsy things, make macros and take a lot of photos, mostly of things that I love.

Things I hate: People who stand in the middle of the escalator. Bush. Sarah Palin. People who harm/abuse/mistreat cats. Bigots. Stupid people. The suburbs. SUVs. People who don't respect pedestrians/stupid drivers. People who take up two seats on the T. Reality TV. Creationism. People who can't get their kids to behave in public. Right wingers. Pro-lifers. Dogmatic religion. Rude people. People who don't know how to walk in the city. Smoking. These are a few of my favourite rants. I try to make it funny so don't take it personally. If you can read the post, I don't mean you, I mean everyone else.

Also I have a bad habit of using "retarded" in the Boston sense of the word. I know mental retardation is a terrible thing, and I don't need to get into a whole thing about it. Also, I mainly use it to refer to myself.

I try to avoid swearing, particulary the F-word. I'd rather use more creative words. When I get angry, I get articulate. But when I do use the F-word...I'm mad.

I'm provincial and cosmopolitan at the same time. I am not religious but I am a very moral person. I'm an extrovert and I'm shy. I'm the life of the party, but I prefer to be behind the scenes. Oh, yeah, and did I mention I'm a Gemini?

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