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Connie and Carla [Apr. 18th, 2004|06:29 pm]
한국 사람이 아니다
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Two performers in Chicago witness a gangster shooting and go into hiding, disguised as a pair of women...
Some Like it Hot? Well, yes...but now that synopsis could also apply to Connie and Carla.

Connie and Carla are singers in an airport lounge who lament the death of dinner theatre. After seeing a friend gunned down by a hood - who knows they saw it - they run to Los Angeles and become drag queens.

It's a tremendously fun movie, and the script is incredibly witty. It is a bit disconcerting how much Nia Vardalos and Toni Collette look like men in drag at times...but you get used to it.

There's a gaggle of "sister" queens, an affable David Ducovny who's trying to deal with his brother's (who disconcerting looks like Rita Wilson, a producer of this film, in a few scenes) lifestyle while at the same time trying to reconcile his attraction to Connie, who he thinks is a man...

It's silly. It's got show tunes. It's got some great throwaway lines...and it's got heart. There's real chemistry between Nia Vardalos and Toni Collette.

And how great is it that a 41-year-old woman can star in a film these days which she also wrote and co-produced?

[User Picture]From: kteeski
2004-04-19 02:41 pm (UTC)


Some Like It Hot crossed with Victor/Victoria?

I like Toni Collette so I did want to see this.
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