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Capturing the Friedmans [Jul. 6th, 2003|11:14 pm]
한국 사람이 아니다
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Decided to have another all-in-Cambridge day today, so walked to Kendall for the 11:50 matinee of Capturing the Friedmans. This is a documentary I fully expect to see on the list come Oscar time. It's the story of a seemingly normal upper middle-class Jewish family in Great Neck, NY...and what happens when the father and the youngest son are arrested for child pornography and having sex with minors.
That ordinarily wouldn't have interested me much, but I read some stuff on it and...what's interesting about it is that the oldest son, David (a professional clown), decided to videotape the whole thing at the time, while it was happening. So there's some very interesting footage that most documentaries just haven't got.
This family filmed everything, actually, which is another reason it's so fascinating.
But beyond that, it's told brilliantly.
Thanks to Andrew Jarecki's direction and some inspired editing, you're never quite sure if anything happened, and if it did, who exactly is guilty. The story is revealed but by bit, like an onion being peeled...and as each layer is removed, your perception changes again. It's mesmerising.
The father, Arnold, went to prison and died there. The son, Jesse, was recently released after spending 13 years in prison.
But did they actually do what they were accused of?
We may never know for certain.

(PS: For those of you keeping score at home, it's July 6th and we're six months gone. This was the 48th movie I've seen this year.)