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The Italian Job [Jun. 8th, 2003|08:44 pm]
한국 사람이 아니다
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[Current Music |Le Placard (The Closet)]

The Italian Job is a lot like Ocean's 11, actually. It's witty. It's a remake. It's better than the original.
It's not Shakespeare. It's just a heist flick. The actors are pretty much all second-tier, not the big names, but known names. It's really filmed in Venezia, Philadelphia and Hollywood (unlike all those movies with FakeBoston™ and the other FakeCity™ locations), which is nice. It holds your interest and mostly makes sense...and it's nice that it's about revenge rather than just money.

But mostly, it's fun.

Remember fun? Playfulness? Just tossing a ball in the air to see how high it can go? That's what this movie's like. It's fun. They make jokes. They have incredibly silly flashbacks that show how all the players got to be who they are. They have a high-speed boat chase through the "streets" of Venice and cut down a gondola. They make Edward Norton say he's got a hugeass TV and they have Seth Green with his amazing powers of improv. They drive Minis into a lightrail train station.
Seth Green is the best. He gets all the best lines. He gets to control LA traffic...these scenes are the funniest...better than any of the power-drunk scenes in Bruce Almighty. He's a computer geek. He's brilliant.

And let's face it. Watching three Minis terrorise Hollywood? Fun to watch!

(Interesting note: in one scene they're on what appears to be a set, which, during a chase in Hollywood I imagine could happen. In this scene, there's a bus. But it's quite obviously a San Francisco Muni bus...it's white with orange and there's no mistaking the logo. It amused me to see it...and to know what it was.)

[User Picture]From: kalinichta
2003-06-10 10:21 am (UTC)
But it doesn't have George Clooney.

I swear, half the reason I watch the new "Ocean's 11" repeatedly is to just watch George walk around, being.

There's another trait I need to tack onto that perfect man I've been building from pieces parts: George Clooney's sense of style. That man in a crisp shirt and nice trousers is one of the sexiest sights in the world.
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