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한국 사람이 아니다

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Chasing Papi, A Mighty Wind, and Chinatown... [Apr. 19th, 2003|10:05 pm]
한국 사람이 아니다
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[Current Music |Oilers-Stars, Third Period, 2-2!]

I'm actually starting today's post yesterday. They let us out of work at 3:30, so I went and saw Chasing Papi; I'd seen the preview last week, and it looked interesting.

And it was, but not because of the writing or plot...what was interesting is that it was a definitely ethnic-directed movie. And the way it portrayed female archetypes and (dare I say?) role models was fascinating. The women are all intelligent, and they're all sexy...but they also all dress like Aucapulco Barbie and wear 5" heels. However, they have all the power, and they can do absolutely anything, while every man in this movie is depicted as shallow, stupid, and easily controlled by the promise of sex and easily distracted by a little leg or cleavage...or they're gay. In a way, it's really quite cool.
I also thought it was clever that they all watch this (real-life) TV astrologer, Walter Mercado, and that they are all very decidedly their signs: Lorena is a Virgo, Cici is a Scorpio, and Patricia is a Sagittarius...and the little dog is a Cancer! Ha! Freddy Rodriguez is also in it, curiously less ethnic than his Rico on Six Feet Under. It's an interesting trend, showing Hollywood's embracing of the other colours in the world that have just started appearing in mainstream movies along with the Hong Kong and Bollywood films that are sneaking into major venues...

After the movie, it was just gone 5, so I had a couple of Bahn Mi, walked home and went to Toad to see the Blandingos. It was Cranky Franky and Stan the Polish Prince of Providence, and another guy on bass, doing surf tunes. It was good, but I like lyrics and there weren't any. Plus, it was so dead in Toad last night...usually it's tough to get a seat, but there were more seats than people. Sigh. I left after the first set.

Woke up automatically this morning at dead-on 9am. So I went to Chinatown for beef-and-egg porridge. I wanted to see if I could get beef and preserved egg, (I like the preserved egg, but the pork is bland and flavourless so I prefer the beef) and they said I could, but when I got it, it was a regular egg...so I'll try again next weekend. Then I wandered about a little...it was a sunny, but </i>cold</i> day with no warmth at all in the air. I decided I hadn't checked out the Brattle Book Shop in a couple of months, and I had nearly two hours to kill, so I went over there...and not only saw the book I just finished for sale used, but I ended up buying another British rom com novel for $6. Then I went to the Common to read my current book in the sun...for which it was barely warm enough. When I'd had enough, it was about a half hour til the movie started, and I decided to go read in the theatre where it was marginally warmer.

Which meant I saw all the previews. I am amazed that I know I am buying this movie when it comes out on DVD, just from the preview! And Alex & Emma looks like it will be really wonderful, too...

But what I went to see was A Mighty Wind...and oh, my...this is the best one yet from Christopher Guest. Better than Waiting for Guffman, better than Best in Show...I desperately want the "See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil" statue on the folk historian's desk. And I really want to know who the actor on the far right is, because he is an utter and complete hottie and I can't put him on my list without knowing his name. (And of course he's the only one whose name isn't listed...)
There is so much going on in this movie...I want to see it again, and I may well do when it comes to the Somerville Theatre. It was brilliant. Inspired. And for someone whose dad took them to see Pete Seeger when they were 4, and who grew up with the New Christy Minstrels, the Limeliters and Micky and Sylvia...well...it was hilarious. One of my best movies of the year...of the 29 I've seen so far! Not even May and I'm nearly halfway to the 66 I saw last year!

After the movie, it occurred to me that I needed to go back to Chinatown and buy chicken for dinner tomorrow; a lot of places are going to be closed, because apparently there's some pagan ritual happening Sunday involving eggs, rabbits and martyrs. Shrug. On the way, I passed the Hollywood KTV, which is the headquarters of that new Boston-NYC bus service I'd gotten a flyer for last week. I had been meaning to ask how long their introductory $10 each way deal was on for, and they told me I could buy my ticket now! So I did and: w00t! I am going to NYC and back for $20! I was lucky to have enough cash on me...I picked up some buns at my favourite bakery (using my remaining cash), and then realised that if I went to the Super 88 Market on Herald, I could then walk through the South End to Mass Ave., the Smoot Bridge and home...So I went there.
I love the Super 88. I don't go there as often as I'd like, because it's out of the way, but it truly is the best market in Chinatown. I even got my cashier who recognises me...While I was there, I looked for porridge mix, but it seems there isn't one, so I decided to get some Western Cream of Rice cereal and see if that tastes right...and added a trip to the Evergood to my list of stops to make on the way home.
I got tapioca pearls. Black ones. I need to make them more often. I also got a sort of a pink lucky cat that's meant to hold toothpicks, but which I'll find a way to use in my bathroom. I love that I can find things like this, and they only cost 99¢. And I got corn on the cob for dinner. I have no idea what unnatural place it came from. It looked wonderful...Corn on the cob! Mmmm...

After the 88, I meandered through the South End (how much would I love to live there?) and eventually made it to Mass Ave. I walked to Harvard...where I was charmed and capitvated by hand-painted wooden Easter eggs being sold on the street by two charming young men. I was still cashless (planning on getting more at the Evergood), but I wanted to buy an egg...fortunately, I had enough change to make a dollar and my egg sits proudly on my desk. My destination was actually Newbury Comics, where I wanted to get the Mighty Wind soundtrack. Which they had several copies of in stock, hurrah! Then it was the Evergood (eggs, scallions and the Cream of Rice), and then Liquor World (wine box, and a Molson to drink while watching the Edmonton game)...and then home...

...Where I watched Edmonton almost beat Dallas, washed my bedding, vacuumed, and did some pre-cooking for tomorrow night's dinner of Sikkimese Noodle Curry and Chana Masala, with Banana Raita and (store-bought) Aloo Paratha...and that was Saturday.