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Walking Blues...

The weekend, as we all know, really starts on Friday. At work, we had a little Red Sox opening day party. Hey, free food. Yay.
This being the first Friday in five weeks I haven't had a place to go (sigh), the minute everyone else left the office, I went to Chinatown for a bowl of Pho Tai Gan Sach at Pho Hoa, where they are beginning to recognise me! Finally! I had just enough time to eat and get to Loew's Boston Common for the 5:55 showing of Bend it Like Beckham.
What a great movie. Inspiring. Funny. Great music. And...yeah I cried. I was meant to see this with someone...
This is one of those "girl power" movies about believing in yourself and following your dreams...but it's not syrupy, not's wonderful. Wonderful.

After the movie, I went to Park Street and walked home from Harvard Square, as usual. I fell asleep before midnight; lately, I have been the opposite of insomnimaniacal...

I had meant to wake up at 8:30, 9 at the latest, and leave at 10am to get my porridge breakfast in Chinatown at Asian Garden...but I ended up waking up at 10. I think it was the rain, which was still falling when I woke up. I rushed as much as I could, but I still left at 11...they stop serving breakfast at 11. And I had to walk to Harvard because I had to stop at the Elegant Tailor on the way.
I got there at noon.
But...they know me now! I've gone enough times, been the only Caucasian in the place enough times...I could ask for beef and egg porridge and still get it an hour after breakfast was over. Oh, hurrah.
In Chinatown, I also got a flyer for a new Boston-NYC Chinatown bus. They're having a $10 each way Grand Opening offer...I need to see how long that's good for.

Then back to the Common to meet drengy and see Anger Management. Now...I wasn't expecting a lot from an Adam Sandler movie, but...this one had me in tears!
Part of it was that damn cat...but most of it was the clever, silly lines. The conversation about the (black) judge's son getting the lead in "Fiddler on the Roof." The exchange wherein it is agreed that "Eskimos seem smug." The scene with Heather Graham trying to seduce Adam Sandler. She takes off her clothes, and she's just wearing a matching bra and panties set. The bra has "Red" "Sox" on the cups, and the panties have the little socks logo. She starts to take off the bra, and Adam says, "As much as I'd like to see you take off that bra, because it represents a team I have hated my whole life..."
It may be lame...but it's funny...And right now, I need funny.
After the movie, drengy and I walked to Boylston and planned for him to come over next Sunday to install my new hard drive. I'll cook and we will both have something to do on Easter. It's all good. After we parted ways, I walked up Charles Street (stopping at Black Ink to get Harri's burthday present) to the Salt-and-Pepper bridge and home.
I stopped in at the Garment District to see f they had my coveted green Converse hi-tops after talking with kteeski for a while, sitting in the sun...the day went from crap to gorgeous in zero flat! Then I continued on up Broadway, stopping in at The Museum of Useful Things. I bought a few cool kitchen toys: scrubby sponges with a sweet retro pattern on the scrubby part, an old-fashioned vegetable peeler, and a lemon-scented sink insert. I love this store!

By the time I got to Harvard Square, I was starving, so I popped into Charlie's Kitchen for the one thing I've been craving: a burger and fries. I had a Brooklyner Wiess to wash it down, and an odd but nice conversation about the Chinese zodiac with a guy wearing a solar system t-shirt. Then I walked the rest of the way home...was planning on going to Toad, but lay down to finish reading my book and fell asleep...Woke up at about 10:30, but by then I knew I wasn't going out again. Puttered til two, showered...

Woke up at 10 again. Decided to have breakfast chez me and walk to Boston to see a movie. Hadn't decided which movie...but I had the walk to decide. Elm to Beacon (via the underpass) to Hampshire to the Salt-and-Pepper Charles, to the Common...past my Big Fat Greek Parade to Comm Ave. to Copley Square, where I sat in the sun and worked on Entertainment Weekly's Pop Culture Quiz (which I haven't finished yet) until 2:40. I ended up seeing The Good Thief at Copley Square. Very interesting film, a remake of the 1950's Bob le Flambeur about a casino heist. This reminded me of a lot of movies: Ocean's 11, Ronin, The Professional, was good. Interesting. The end was a surprise. It had "Noir C'est Noir" by Johnny Hallyday on the soundtrack, which is a song I have loved since 1986. And it featured Michael and Mark Polish, the writer-director-stars of Twin Falls, Idaho who went to Sacramento High School. I scare myself sometimes, the things I remember.
After the movie, I walked up Comm Ave. to Mass Ave., up Mass Ave. (stopping at the Indian market) to Harvard Yard, and then Oxford Street home. I had an amusing run-in with a squirrel outside the Natural History Museum. I made the kissy noises at him, and he heard me...He got onto a tree branch above my head and talked back to me! I walked away, leaving a piece of Aloo Paratha for him. He got down from his tree and watched me...I walked back and he and I had this moment...animals are not stupid. He knew I was talking to him, and that I was not a threat to him. It was nice...a sort of inter-species connection.
Then I had to stop at the Horrible Star Market for a few things before finally getting home round 7...Today alone I walked more than the 7.46 miles of Bay to Breakers, but over the entire weekend? I have no idea. I should invest in a pedometre to measure my marathon walks.

Once home, I did laundry and made Yucatan Pork Stew.
I kept busy. I didn't cry much. It was as good a weekend as could be expected...
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