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Early morning baseball notes [Oct. 26th, 2007|07:40 am]
한국 사람이 아니다
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So now we're up 2-0 and we're going to the mile-high club. Seems like what I said yesterday still holds: the Rockies may be the Team of Destination, but they're still NL.

I chose well when I picked my favourite Red Sox player. Okajimer!

And...what post-game 2 wrap-up could be complete without a mention of Tacoby Ellsbury? That is, quite possibly, the best nickname since MikeLOL.

And in a fit of Red Sox inspired madness, I found a cribbage game for my phone and have been playing it endlessly since I downloaded it. I blame Pedroia.

Whee. I have 15 minutes to get ready for work!