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OMG that's OUR bar!

Of course I'd heard about the guy who was stabbed to death in a "Southie bar" over the weekend, but there are a lot of bars in Southie, and we live on, basically, the outskirts of Southie; let's face it, there are a lot of bars in Southie, many of which I wouldn't go into alone. We're talking old school bars, with almost no windows, the kind that open at 6am and always seem to have people parked on their stools regardless of the time of day.

So imagine my shock and dismay today when I happened to catch a glimpse of the front page of the Herald today...

I mean, look at the place. It has icicle lights on it, for crying out loud! They serve a mean Lobster Ravioli. They serve a lot of wine.

I feel so bad. It's like finding out your neighbour is a child molester or something, and you were pretty good friends with them...Well. Since there's a rain delay, we're going to go over there and get their side of the story.

Commish eyes shutdown of notorious bar
By Michele McPhee
Boston Herald Police Bureau Chief

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 - Updated: 09:29 AM EST

The city’s top cop is backing a heartbroken family’s call to permanently shutter a notorious Southie bar where a Revere carpenter was brutally slain.

“The Police Department plans to be aggressive in its dealing with the license of this establishment,” said Boston police Commissioner Edward Davis after Adam Rich died in a pool of blood in a knife attack at The 6 House on West Broadway Sunday morning.
Rich, 26, died after an attacker plunged a knife deep into his chest and stomach after a fight erupted, allegedly over a spilled drink, just before 1:44 a.m.

“That bar should be shut down or have its license revoked,” said Glen Rich, the murder victim’s uncle.

Davis indicated he would back the complete shutdown of the bar amid a growing chorus of Southie officials that no more violence can take place at the former Triple O’s, once frequented by mobster James “Whitey” Bulger.

Rich’s best friend Tom Browne, 24, an Army National Guard Sgt. and Iraq war veteran, was also stabbed. Despite his injuries, he battled to save Rich’s life.

“The bar should be closed. If they can’t control the people going in there then they should be closed down,” Browne said.

State Rep. Brian P. Wallace, a lifelong Southie resident, noted that the murder came just a month after City Councilor Bill Linehan’s son Sean was stabbed outside a restaurant next to the bar on May 16. Linehan is now out of the hospital.

“This is the second stabbing in that area in less than a month. We need to meet with the police and the licensing board and make some recommendations. This can’t go on,” Wallace said.

Homicide cops are still hunting Rich’s killer but are following up a number of tips, said Davis.

The bar’s owners, listed as Archie McCarthy and Robert Mahar, were unavailable for comment. The bar was closed yesterday.

Rich had been in the bar for less than 20 minutes with buddies Browne and Sean Donovan when the fight broke out, according to Browne. Witnesses said at least eight people became embroiled in an ensuing brawl during which Rich was knifed. Browne suffered minor injuries and was treated at Massachusetts General Hospital. Rich was rushed by ambulance to Boston Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

“It is beginning to sink in,” said Rich’s uncle, Glen. “My niece, Adam’s sister, was very close with him and she is a wreck today. His mother is also a wreck . . . I’m sure the worst is yet to come when we finally get to see Adam.”

Curse at bloody haunt:Old hangout can’t escape ghosts of Whitey’s past
By Peter Gelzinis
Boston Herald Columnist

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 - Updated: 09:24 AM EST

You can dress up a bucket of blood with folding glass doors, chrome accents, hip lighting and a new name. But after the “Grand Opening,” it’s still a bucket of blood. The 6 House, on lower Broadway in Southie,used to be Whitey Bulger’s personal hellhole, aka Triple O’s. With the unlikely exception of a license revocation, there’s only one way this bucket of blood could ever break free of its evil DNA: exorcism

There’s simply too much blood, and too many ghosts, haunting this joint for it to be anything else but bad news to any pilgrim unlucky enough to wander in after last call.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Adam Rich from Revere and two friends made the lethal mistake of straying into this cursed dive. Sadly, it turned out to be the last decision he ever made.

Sources say the knife assault to Adam Rich’s chest was so savage that a good portion of his pulmonary muscle was exposed. After celebrating with friends who had made it home from Iraq, Rich, 26, had been in The 6 House no more than 20 minutes when his life was extinguished by the malignant rage of a patron armed with a blade.

Initial reports suggested that Rich was somehow mauled after a beer was spilled. But yesterday, sources indicated that the deadly encounter may have involved some kind of dispute over a woman.

The circumstances hardly matter, because they are only bound to reinforce the rancid history of this joint. “For too many people in this community, that place is associated with just one thing: pain,” said Ed Flynn, son of the former mayor and chairman of the South Boston Crime Watch.

“No good can ever come out of there, especially the deeper you go into the night,” Flynn said. “The crowd that populates that place now is no different, in my opinion, than the people who hung out there years ago.”

Not so many years ago, it was Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi who held court there. It was while working as a two-fisted bouncer at the front door of Triple O’s that Kevin Weeks endeared himself to his surrogate father. Seems Whitey liked the way Kevin busted drunken heads.

Years later, Kevin would tell federal investigators how Whitey held a gun to Ray Slinger’s head and threatened to blow his brains out in a room above the bar.

Ah, but then, Kevin’s memories of Triple O’s did not cost him his life. Brian Halloran went to the FBI with a story about how he drove a Southie bookie named Louis Litif to a meeting with Whitey Bulger inside Triple O’s. After dropping Litif off at the front door, Halloran drove around back and waited to see Louis being carried out the back door in a garbage bag. Not long thereafter, Halloran was murdered.

Just before its reincarnation as The 6 House, Triple O’s was shuttered by the Department of Public Health. After a boyhood friend of mine was allowed to drink himself to death in this dank cave, the health inspectors found a rat carcass in the basement. How poetic.

“It’s disgusting what’s happening down there,” said Southie state Rep. Brian Wallace. “This is, what, the third time this has happened in a month. (New elected City Councilor) Billy Linehan’s son Sean was almost stabbed to death outside that place. Something has to be done.”

Ed Flynn spoke not as the son of a former mayor, or a community activist, but as a father of small children, tired of seeing drug dealers roosting in the playground near his Southie home, or hearing about the local scum who claim The 6 House after dark. “If we all know what the past was,” Flynn said, “I can tell you right now, we all know what the future is going to be. Plenty of people know who did this. Their names are all around Southie. They’re all about drugs and violence and they’re no different than the people who were part of a place that needs to be shut down.

“I say close the place and bring it back to life as something that can benefit the people of this neighborhood. It should’ve been done a long time ago.”
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