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Sports and weather [May. 4th, 2007|07:14 am]
한국 사람이 아니다
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I got the most awesome email the other day from The Red Seat. The subject of the email, which, as you can imagine, captured my attention instantly, was: Experts Agree: The Yankees Really DO Suck!

The actual email itself continues to be awesome in its Yankee-bashing:
Scientific analysis of the current standings has revealed that the Yankees are in last place of the AL East. The Red Seat supports the hypothesis that teams with better records should be considered good and poor records confirm a lack of goodness. Therefore, taking this line of thinking to it's logical conclusion reveals that the Yankees do indeed suck or blow, but that's a whole other argument for another day.

Usually, we refrain from this sort of crassness and would just make an A-Rod joke but where would the Yankees be without Mr. April? Oh yeah, same place they are now, LAST. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sadly, it's only May.

What? I loves me some Arod smacktalk in the morning. Doesn't everyone?

It's supposed to get to almost 70° today, which is almost how warm it was yesterday. It felt a lot cooler, yesterday, though, because of the wind. So I'm on LJ stalling, basically, because I can't decide how to dress for almost but not quite warm springtime weather.