October 7th, 2011


Writer's Block: Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs once said, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." He inspired a generation to Think Different. How has the legacy of Apple's co-founder influenced your life?
I'm typing this on my MacBook Pro, with my iPhone next to me. I have three iPods (80gb, 160gb and a 2gb Shuffle), My dad got a Mac Plus in 1987, I got my first computer (a hand-me-down SE) in 1990...I think? and I've had one ever since. My first Powerbook was another hand-me-down from my dad in 1998. Everytime I get a new Mac, I'm amazed at how much it improved over the last one...and I thought the last one was pretty damn amazing.

And every machine he made is just so...cool, too. He was the first guy tho realise tech didn't have to be ugly. The feeling you get when you get a new Mac toy...when you open the box (also exquisitely designed)...it's like Indiana Jones opening the Ark. You expect a light to shine up from within and an "ah-ah-ahhhh!" song to start.

He should have had 30 more years to make us cool stuff dammit.

PS: How damn awesome is this photo!?