September 28th, 2011


You have GOT to be freaking kidding me.

Dan Shaughnessy, this is all. YOUR. Fault.

Oh, right. Tampa will never come back from a 7-0 deficit. Yep. NEVER.

I never Tweet, but I did last night. It's no longer "The Curse of the Bambino." Now, it's "The Curse of @Dan_Shaughnessy."

See!? I'm not the only one who thinks so! You can see it for yourself, right here!

And also, HA!!!! Red Sox have Dan Shaughnessy to Blame.

However: "You could point a finger at every guy in this locker room -- maybe not Jacoby [Ellsbury], he pretty much did everything he could -- but every guy in this locker room could have won one more game for us. I could have won a few more, I know that for a fact. It's a team game, and we had a lot of stuff go wrong for whatever reason."