April 17th, 2010

Lost - BFFs

I love being in on the inside jokes!

As you all know, I love Jorge Garcia's blog. I love that, despite being an actor on an incredibly popular TV show, he's a dork like the rest of us. He posts about cooking, gardening, his vacations, his (very awesome) halloween pumpkin carvings, and his dog Nunu. He illustrates most of his posts with photos, which just makes them all the more awesome.

So, if you saw the Hurleycentric episode "Everybody Loves Hugo" on Tuesday, you may have noticed that, during Dr. Chang's slideshow, there was a shot of Hugo Reyes, humanitarian and philanthropist, holding a dog outside the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Well, guess what? That was, indeed, Jorge's own dog, Nunu. I mean, how awesome is that, getting to have your pet appear in an episode of Lost?