December 10th, 2009

Bitch Please

Maybe I'm just bitchy

But damn, people whining about the "un-Christmassy" free holiday songs on Amazon are pissing me the hell off. They are all het up and full of complaints for The Boxmasters' "Slower Than Christmas" (which is pretty damn funny) and a Christmas song by Lady Gaga

So today there's a more "traditional" holiday song, and stupid me, I have to read the comments. Whereupon I see this:

Christmas is the day we celebrate Christ's birth and this song reflects the true meaning of Christmas. The drum accompaniment to the song gives it a youthful appeal and spices it up a little. It's so much better than some of the selections this month that have had absolutely nothing to do with the celebration of Christ's birth. I also liked the harmony in this song. I hope you all like this song!

Amazon: it's ok to be edgey, but not tasteless. Remember when Charlie Brown screams can anyone tell me what Christmas is about? Linus takes his thumb out of his mouth and tells him. That story is not boring, but incredibly exciting! The God who made the universe came down to us. That's better than any modern day sci fi flick. Some folks have taken the Christ out of Christmas and put in Santa and Rudolph. Those songs are fun too, but songs like Lady Gagas and the boxmasters are so anti-holiday and anti-Christmas that people are offended by them. Please tomorrow have something holidayish to download! Thanks.

I'm going to hell (well, I would if I believed in that sort of thing), so I had to respond to this:

I am not a Christian, but I celebrate Christmas exactly the way I was raised to. I have a tree, and stockings, and I buy gifts for my loved ones. I sing holiday songs and watch holiday movies and TV specials.

My Christmas has nothing to do with the alleged birth of some baby in a stable, and I really resent this attitude interfering with the way I celebrate my holiday.

I know it's not much in the grand scheme of life, but it made me feel better.
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