December 18th, 2006

No Wai!


You may or may not recall, but back in, oh, March 2005 I posted about Clocky, the alarm clock that rings and then hides til you get up and turn him off.

Well, looky what was in my email this morning:
Greetings all,

At long last, the Clocky that wheeled his way into your hearts will wheel his way into your homes. We've spent weeks (ok months) designing and testing the little guy and now he is ready to ensure you never oversleep again. Keep reading...

Clocky? He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake.... Clocky is the alarm clock that runs away and hides to get you up and out of bed on time.

The Design You may remember Clocky began his life with a little bit of fur. He now has a sleek and shiny exterior, and will be offered in a few different colors. Check out our website for pictures. For those of you who enjoy the 'shaggy' look of the original Clocky prototype, we will be making available fabric coverings next year that may be added on as desired.

Want one? Pre-order your Clocky today! Visit our site: Clocky will be available online for now and in select retailers in early 2007, to be announced. Quantities are limited this year. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Shipping We cannot confirm our exact ship date because it is the busiest shipping time of year. We recommend you choose expedited shipping to get Clocky at your doorstep in time for you to wrap up, slap on a pretty bow and place under your tree. We are positive that with the interest we've had so far, our stock won't last long. When you pre-order, a notification email will be sent to you after we have confirmed your ship date.

Stocking Stuffers For those of you who pre-order but don't manage to get one in time for the holidays, we're making available stocking stuffers. We'll send out a link for a little gift voucher that you may use in his place. Stay tuned!

Overseas? We regret that we cannot accept international orders from our overseas customers quite yet. Please look out for another update to the list early next year with overseas availability information.

Happy Holidays!

Team Clocky
at Nanda

WANT WANT WANT!!! I have wanted him for almost TWO years!!!
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