July 30th, 2006


Watch the birdie...

On my way to my Korean lesson last Wednesday, I noticed a rather sizable flock of sparrows and pigeons in the outside seating of the big Au Bon Pan in Harvard Square (the one featured in Good Will Hunting). Naturally, I had to investigate...and take photographs.

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Oooh, fun religion meme

Because it's Sunday, and I can't resist...

Jesus is:
Just this guy, you know?

My view of Christians is:
People who, for 2000+ years, have been trying to force their way of thinking on the world. Usually by killing those who refuse to conform.

Christianity and Politics should blend Yes/No
Absolutely not.

Can you be a Christian and against Pres. Bush's Leadership Yes/No
I have no idea, since I am not Christian.

Can you be considered a "Liberal" and a Christian Yes/No
Again, no idea. I do know that so-called Liberals tend not to lean on their Christianity as much as so-called Conservatives. And, from what I've seen, non-Christians seem to be more tolerant of other people's beliefs than Christians...which is rather ironic, but there it is.
That being said, one of our most "Liberal" (in terms of the domestic issues of his time, such as equal rights, social programs, the Great Society, women's liberation, etc.) Presidents was LBJ, and he was from Texas and probably considered himself to be very Christian.

Politics should be talked about from the pulpit Yes/No
I would say no, but only because in my mind Politics = State, and Pulpit = Church. And, like oil and water, these two should not be mixed. Ever. At all.

Christianity deals with what main political issues:_____________
More than it should. See above.

You can be a Christian and against the war Yes/No
Again, no idea. Still, seems to me that most wars are started because people don't behave the way the Christians seem to think they should.

The church has lost it's [sic] focus of "people" and deals more with "politics" Yes/No
I think that this sentence is more accurately worded: Politics has lost its focus of "people" and deals more with "church."

Homosexuality is:____________________
What does this question have to do with anything? I mean, I see why it's included, and what it's looking for as a response...but really, can we get over it?
Oh, very well...Homosexuality is: A fact of life. Just like Christianity is. You may not agree with it, but it exists and you need to learn to deal with it.

Is it OK to fly an American Flag and pray for victory in the war in Iraq at church Yes/No
I don't think so. For one thing, what is "victory in the war"? Decimation of a race of people? Destroying a nation so we can keep driving our ridiculously huge automobiles? At what cost? I don't think there is such a thing as "victory" in this situation. All there is is "cutting the losses."

Would you consider America to be a "Christian Nation" Yes/No
Sadly, yes. Just look at our money. Anything that mentions "god" in such a way to be so ubiquitious and mundane that it's barely noticed? Dead giveaway, innit?
I am not Christian. I do feel as though I am being disenfranchised in this country.

It is important to God that we are at war with Iraq?
Which one?

And yeah, I fully expect to "offend" some people with this. Oh, well. I'm just calling it the way I, personally, see it.
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