July 27th, 2006


Hey, bjornh...

Remember when we went to that thrift shop when I came to Sweden, and you were so amused at how I wanted to buy all the furniture?

Check this out:

This has been in the window of a mid-century modern shop on Mass Ave. for about 6 months. I've been meaning to take a photo of it for ages, and finally did last night.

The price tag says $1,000.
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Fashion Victim

This morning, walking to work, I saw a woman walking towards me. She was wearing pointy-toed, open-back, high-heeled shoes, and seemed to be having a little trouble navigating the brick sidewalk at the speed she was trying to go.

While I was noticing her shoes, I also noticed something else on her feet. Bandages. Several of them. On each foot. Not just the little Band-Aid type plastic strips, either (there were at least two of those on each foot): on the top of each foot, she had a big self-adhesive gauze pad.

Dude. If the shoes are shredding your feet so badly you need that many first aid products? Wear different shoes. Any attractiveness the cute little heels had is definitely marred by all the bandages...not to mention the painful spring in your step.