July 17th, 2006


When fandoms collide

How did I miss this!?

Daniel Dae Kim throws out the first pitch before A's-Sox game at Fenway on July 13th.

If it weren't for deathbytamarind and piney61, I'd have been so sad. DDK is a Sox fan! Talk about when fandoms collide...

From Angry Asian Man:

Daniel Dae Kim threw the first pitch last night at the Red Sox/A's game at Fenway Park. According to the Boston Herald:

Found at Fenway!: "Lost" hubba-hubba hubby Daniel Dae Kim landed at Fenway Park last night to throw out the first pitch before the Sox-A's game. Kim's peeps had called the Sox asking for a tour of the old ballyard but Kim's cult-celeb status wasn't Lost on the show's fans in the Sox front office. So they quickly hatched a plan to throw Jin Kwon's alter ego first-pitch honors. (Matt Stone)

Didn't know Jin was a Red Sox fan...