June 6th, 2006


Kylie and friends

I found this link today: El Blog de Michi, a lovely black cat who lives in Chile. I love her "Actor favorito." I think her eyes may really be blue (see the bath photos of her as an adult); I wonder if she is an Ojos Azules?

Kylie, Patrick, Tessie and Dad on the bed last weekend.

Kylie with the baby I found at Goodwill.

This kind of makes me want to move back to SF before I die: The San Francisco SPCA Sido program helps Bay Area pet owners include animals in their wills and ensure that the pets find a new home. The SF/SPCA is a no-kill shelter and one of the best in the country. As far as I am aware, they came up with the "pet resumes" that help renters to persuade landlords to accept pets. I made one for Harri and Patrick when I moved to Boston; I am certain that having letters of reference from former landlords is the reason the boys and I have been living in the same apartment for 6 years.
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