May 28th, 2006


Saturday walk

I went downtown to check my mail yesterday and, walking to Park Street, decided I didn't want to get on the T, so I walked home.

Instead of walking up Charles Street, I walked up Beacon to the Fiedler Bridge. It was wicked crowded; I had no idea what was going on, but as I got closer, I could hear music. "Ah. Must be something going on at the Hatch," I sagely observed to myself.

Then I heard a song I recognised; it sounded like "Real Emotions" by Los Lonely Boys. As it turned out, that's exactly who it was. I like them; I've had their CD for at least a year. So completely accidentally, I got to see them play live.

I continued across the Salt & Pepper Bridge, and up Main to Central Square. I passed the Cambridge Savings & Trust where the bird's nest is...this time, I got a look at one of the residents:

A little further up Main, I happened to see a behind-the-scenes part of a wedding; the newlyweds sneaking out with the photographer for some portraits.

I was really kind of mesmerised by the bride's dress. She was Indian, and it featured a bare midriff, which sounds sort of "different" and perhaps strange...but it was absolutely gorgeous on her. She also had a jewelled hair ornament on her part, and a bouquet of bright red roses. It was completely non-traditional...and yet, still classic. Beautiful.

And now, I'm off to enjoy my Sunday walk.

715 - the flip side

So. Barry Bonds has beaten Babe Ruth's record with his 715th career homerun.

But that's only half the story.

Who'd he get that historic home run off of? Why, none other than Byung-Hyun Kim. You may remember him as the pitcher who failed to win the crucial 3rd Korea vs Japan game in the WBC, when Japan only made it to the semifinals because the US lost, while Korea was unbeaten. Until he pitched. Or those games he pitched for the Diamondbacks in 2001 against the Yankees...or, as I will forever call him, "That Korean guy who lost the game for us that time." He used to be on the Red Sox. In 2003, when the rest of the team was "Cowboying Up," he imploded, flipped off the crowd and basically failed at life. He's the one Korean guy in baseball I don't like.

Way to go, Kim. You've done it again.