May 14th, 2006


Geese and other Cambridge wildlife

There's a tribe of feral geese living at the foot of the BU Bridge on the Cambridge side. They've been there longer than I've been here. On Friday, walking home from BWH, I noticed baby goslings and couldn't resist stopping to take some photos.

The geese were defensive, but let me walk among them.
They seemed to sense that I wasn't there to harm them or grab the babies.

This little guy seemed to really be interested in me. He kind of followed me around...
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There were also other birds; I found this Goldfinch by his song. I also saw my very first Baltimore Oriole; I missed getting his picture because just as I found and focused on him, he flew away. He was such a brilliant orange! I saw something with a scissor-tail, and another bird that looked like a Cedar Waxwing. I think there were also some warblers in there.

I must have spent an hour among the geese. I am always amazed when I find these little pockets of nature. I knew the geese were there, but the other birds were a nice surprise.