May 6th, 2006


Walking home

I walked home again today from work. It was too nice a day not to.

I love that I can start walking from the same place downtown, end up at the same place in Cambridge/Somerville, and take two completely different routes which barely duplicate each other, or even intersect.

I'm finally living in a place I love.

I found this Quaker Oats ad on Cambridge Street in Boston, near Charles Street. It's got to be close to 100 years old.


Charles MGH

Charles MGH T Station, is the only above-ground station north of Andrew on the Red Line; it crosses the Charles River into Cambridge on the Longfellow (aka Salt-and-Pepper) Bridge. It's also pretty old and unpleasant in winter. And it's undergoing a major renovation.

Although I pass through Charles nearly every day, most of the work isn't visible from the train. Today, I happened to walk past the outside for the first time in a while...and wow. It's looking really amazing.

The new portion is almost complete, at least on the outside.

The juxtoposition of old and new is typical Boston.

According to the MBTA, they are retaining and restoring much
of the existing platform structure, which is nice to see.

These birds live in Cambridge

Yesterday, from Kendall Square I took the Main Street Route to Central. As I passed by the Cambridge Savings and Trust building on Main, I saw a bird's nest:

These birds definitely live in Cambridge.

B is for Bird, after all.

There were babies in this nest, too. I could hear them.