March 18th, 2006


Domo and the WBC

Domo is going to the Japan-Korea game tonight. He is going to the third epic game between Japan and Korea while I am crossing my fingers hoping ESPN actually shows the game tonight as they promised.

Go Korea. That is all. Just...Korea kaja!

Meanwhile, Ichiro is still talking smack about Team Korea.

I love this quote from Korean pitcher Seo Jae-Weong: "That's probably one of the reasons the South Koreans celebrated the way they did following their 2-1 triumph over Japan, taking a victory lap around the field as their fans went nuts before pitcher Jae Seo planted his country's flag in the mound at Angel Stadium. Seo said he had heard the Japanese players were upset about that.

'But that's not something I have to be concerned with,' he added. 'I mean, we won and we were ecstatic, and we showed our happiness in that manner.'"
Hee. I'm almost certain that's just the polite version...

Naver continues to be an excellent source, even if I can't read it all...
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It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your baseball is?

Dear ESPN:

Why am I looking at unattractive and portly college men in bad outfits hugging each other til they fall over when I am supposed to be seeing handsome Team Korea kicking the also handsome Team Japan's ass?

I hate you. And I don't believe there really is a Deportes. I think you made it up to confuse us.

No love,
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