March 14th, 2006



I totally called it, too. Not that I could watch the game. despite it having the very sane start time of 10pm EST...because ESPN thought we'd all like to start watching it at 1am instead WTF.

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Undefeated! Rawr!

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Edit: I've already been asked why I hate the US and been called a communist. I don't hate the US; I'm just tired of them winning everything or acting like they deserve to, and I am not a communist (do we even have those anymore?). I'm both a US and a Canadian national, and would vote NDP if I could (I guess I tend towards socialism, at least as far as medicine is concerned). I almost never root for the US in anything international; it's usually either Canada, Finland, Korea or some other underdog country. I also rarely watch the Olympics if they're hosted in the US; about 25% of the Olympic Games in my lifetime have been in the US, and I'd rather see other countries host them.

So yeah. Go Korea!