February 10th, 2006


Wow. Just...wow...I just got another ex-friend.

I've been defriended by yet another real-life friend. Someone whose housewarming I went to. Someone whose wedding I went to. Someone who counselled me on quite a few things, one of which actually changed my life. Someone who was on my super-high-filtered lists, even.

I'd been wondering why I'd not seen a post from her in ages; she posted today, a rare public post...and so I went to look and, lo and behold, she wasn't on the list of people who had me on their friends list anymore. Not hard to miss, the list being alphabetical and all.

And that's how I found out. Just like that. Just now. I think of all the friends I had, people I considered best friends, five years ago, only two are left. And one of them is in Sweden.

I have no words. Now I'm being pariahfied without being told at all, let alone without being told why.

This really has been one of the best days ever.
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