October 2nd, 2005


Split Decision Irks Fans

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I went to Fox's site and complained. I said:

Just FYI, when the Red Sox are playing the Yankees, NO ONE wants to see endless cutaways to another game. Tell us the score, keep us posted as to what they're doing, but STAY ON OUR GAME.

Somehow, NESN manages to do this flawlessly. It got to the point yesterday where I felt like someone was flipping the remote and I wasn't sure which game I was watching.

Oh, and PS: have your announcers learn the players' names. It's only part of their job, and no, it's not CUTE that they consistently call players by wrong names (IE "Brandon" Arroyo).

Get a clue. No one in Red Sox Nation wants to watch a game on Fox because your announcing is so abyssmal. It's just that we have no choice.

Hey. I guess it could have been worse. They could have put Scooter on.
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