August 27th, 2005


Batman Begins

I've never been a big fan of superheroes, but of all of the "big names" in four-colour newsprint, Batman is perhaps my least favourite (Spiderman is more my speed). But I'd heard such great things about Batman Begins that I figured, aw, what the heck...just because I hated the other Batman films doesn't guarantee I won't like this one.

And yeah. Didn't hate it. I just found it...tedious. Boring. I kinda dozed off there at one point, actually.

Which isn't to say it's a bad movie. I'm sure as these sorts of films go, it's bloody brilliant. The cast was awesome (except for Katie Holmes, but I kind of expected that): Michael Caine as Albert? Liam Neeson as a sort of Samurai/Shaolin Master/Jedi? Gary Oldman? Oscar nominees like Tom Wilkenson and Ken Watanabe? Morgan "Yes, actually I am in every movie ever made" Freeman? It doesn't suck.

It just doesn't really do much to keep me awake.

Although I do find it interesting that while both Batman and Spiderman seem to live in New York, it actually looks like Chicago (I guess El trains are more photogenic than subway trains). During the final scenes, there are manhole covers blowing up of the streets, which I found realistic since actually happened last month in Boston's North End. And while it was pretty interesting to see the origins of Batman's gadgets and tools, I gotta wonder why they don't make the collar on the Batsuit a little looser because, no matter who wears it, be it Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale...hell, even Adam West...they all sound exactly the same. And only when they have the suit on, too. That can't be good for the vocal cords.
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