August 24th, 2005


I am stuck on a Band-Aid®...

At CVS tonight, I noticed that Band-Aid® brand adhesive bandages is celebrating their 85th anniversary. Now, that's kind of amazing, in and of itself...Band-Aids® are only 85 years old. There were no Band-Aids® the last time the Red Sox won the World Series (before last year, of course). There are people alive who are older than Band-Aids®.

What's so special about this is that the Johnson & Johnson people are celebrating this landmark with four different reproduction metal tins. So of course I bought one. Who doesn't need Band-Aids®? I picked Special Collector Tin #2 of 4, because it seemed the most familiar.

But it's weird. These tins are so flimsy! They're not much better than cardboard. The price sticker was on the front, and it kind of dented when I rubbed the sticky residue off! I have an older tin (from back when they still made tins; they don't anymore, do they?) that I've just been refilling with other Band-Aids® (and sometimes Curads®) for about 10 years because it's, well, metal...and I got it out to see if the boxes have always been this cheap.

They haven't. I'd say the older box is about twice as strong as this new one. Sad. It doesn't really seem a very fitting tribute to the glorious Band-Aid® legend to celebrate it with a cheaply made "historical" box.
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