June 19th, 2005


The Interpreter

Oh, there is just so much going on in The Interpreter, it's hard to know where to start. African oppression, murderous dictators, intrigue, a rather twisted romance, and post 9/11 New York. Wow. Not to mention two heavy-hitting Oscar winners in the lead roles.

So it's a bit odd to me that the coolest thing about this movie is the fact that it's the first the United Nations has allowed to be filmed within its walls.

And how cool is the UN building? Very. It's like a little cold war time capsule filled with simply incredible Mid-Century Modern Danish designed furniture (I suppose that's Dag Hammarskold's fault) and space-age Monsanto-upholstered architecture.

Oh, there's a plot and writing and dialogue and stuff, too. It's not a boring film, and it'll keep you interested for 2 hours.

But go for the scenery. The location is the star of this film.
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