March 25th, 2005

Kitten Girl

Go Stick Your Head in a Pig

Clocky, the semi-intelligent alarm clock!

"Clocky is not trying to solve all of the problems of alarm clocks—for example how they disrupt other people in the room—but I think maybe someday it can. I think the answer rests in the usage of multiple Clockies. Let's say there are two people with different sleep schedules sharing a room. Maybe one person's Clocky can tell the other to hush up if it has sounded off one too many times. Or, maybe they can form an alliance and simultaneously target the offending over-sleeper. I have adopted the philosophy that when two devices communicate, they can solve more problems—that is, two Clockies are better than one."

Share and Enjoy. Share and Enjoy.

I want one. Since I can sleep through three alarms.
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