March 14th, 2005


Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement)

War is stupid. That's a thing that should be obvious...but still, we keep having wars. Imagine Amelie mixed with All Quiet on the Western Front. Imagine winsome Audrey Tatou victimised by polio and giving herself little tests to prove to herself that her fiancé, missing for three years and presumed dead, is still alive. Or, just go see Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement)

On the surface, it seems like a long, depressing tear-jerker, but it's anything but. It's a story of hope, of resourcefulness, of never giving up and believing in oneself. It's got some of the most gruesome battle gore I've ever seen on the big screen, and it's got some moments of sheer ironic whimsy. It won't be as universally embraced as Amelie was, but it's every bit as wonderful as that first teaming of ingenue and director in its own way.

But basically, it tells us what we all should already know: War is stupid. Love is what matters.
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