March 12th, 2005



Okay, we get it. Traditional animation is out, CGI is in. And it's truly amazing what they can do with computer animation these days. But while Robots is a witty and clever movie, you do get a bit overwhelmed by a sense of "Wow! Look what we can do!" with the artwork, kind of like eating a meal cooked by an amateur chef who's just discovered garlic.

In other words, it's probably quite good, but it's hard to tell because it's buried under all that seasoning.

It's a clever movie, there's no doubt about that. It pays homage to a lot of movies, including Singing in the Rain, and it has elements of both The Hudsucker Proxy and Blade Runner mixed in. It's a little interesting that Robin Williams was cast as one of the robots, Fender; his voice was probably supposed to evoke the Genie in Aladdin, but the context can't help but remind one of The Bicentennial Man.

The music is pretty decent, too. There's a very well-placed song by Tom Waits, and also a new one by Fountains of Wayne.

I don't get why fart jokes needed to be added, but the rest of the audience seemed to think they were funny.

It's a clever movie, as I've said. The only problem is, it's a bit of a tin woodsman, desperately in need of a heart.
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