March 5th, 2005


Obligatory Frienditto Post *READING THIS IS APPRECIATED*

Right, everyone listen up.
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Sadly, I am a victim of such things; there are people I've had to defriend who hate my guts and accuse me of being a stalker and oh, all sorts of other things. These people can and will copy things I've written in my locked posts and comments and repost them in their own journals so people I specifically filtered out of a post can read them, which is among the reasons they were defriended in the first place. Furthermore, some of these people are on some of your friends lists.

I don't want them in my journal (I have banned them from commenting so they can't wreak any havoc or cause me any more hurt, and I screen all non-friends posts anyway), so if you decide to use this Frienditto thingy...tell me. I won't like having to do it, but I'll have no choice but to defriend you for my own peace of mind. This is a public post because I don't always know when someone adds me and I may be on their friends list...but they may not be on mine.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal programming, already in progress.
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