February 5th, 2005


The Wedding Date

When I heard the plot of The Wedding Date, I immediately thought, "Hey, that sounds a lot like that Brit ChickLit book Asking for Trouble! That was a cute book."

I was right. The movie is, indeed, based on that book. But instead of staying true to the source material, as Bridget Jones did, they've gone and bollixed the whole thing up. Now, it's still a pretty cute movie, but it's different from the book. A lot of the reviews you'll read ask why they placed the film in England, saying things like it's contrived, or saying they're trying to rip off Four Weddings and a Funeral. Of course, the film's set in England because the book it's based on is British; my question is why does it have to start out in New York?

And the answer, I'm guessing, is that The Powers That Be decided it was time for Debra Messing to star in a movie, and she probably can't do a British accent to save her life.

Never mind that her character, Kat, was originally called Sophy in the book, and was somewhat overweight and top-heavy, which Ms. Messing is not. She's flatter than I am (which is saying a lot), and channels Lucille Ball genetically blended with Jennifer Aniston, not an insecure shy woman. And of course, you know from the first scene you see her with Dermot Mulroney how it's going to end up.

But, hey. It's February, we're all catching up on Oscar nominees, and sometimes you need a little fluff to lighten up from all those serious films. Not to mention, it's the dead of winter and it's Valentine's season, and a little fluff is just what you need this time of year. And in that capacity, it's not a bad little movie at all.
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