January 23rd, 2005


Top Ten Best and Worst Movies of 2004 and Most Anticipated Films of 2005

I saw 90 movies this year. Here are my Top Ten Best and Worst Movies of 2004.

Top Ten Best Movies of 2004:
10) Supersize Me: Best scary movie of the year.

9) Still We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie</i> An inside glimpse of what it is to suffer...year, after year, after year...

8) Two Brothers Tigers prove blood is thicker than water. Too bad the cats are better actors than the humans.

7) Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!: It's as fluffy as cotton candy...but the soundtrack is one of the best compilations I've ever heard.

6) The Incredibles: The family who saves the world together, stays together. And I covet the Mid-Century Modern house.

5) Mean Girls: Not quite a documentary, but a damn accurate look at what it's like to be in high school.

4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Who hasn't wanted to do this after a heartwrenching breakup? And the website, Lacuna, Inc., is a deadpan joy.

3) Friday Night Lights: I don't like football. But I liked this.

2) Until Sunset: The best sequel ever. Here's to another reunion in 2013.

1) Shrek 2: So much more than its predecessor, and Puss in Boots is the best and bravest sidekick since R2-D2!

Top Ten Worst Movies of 2004:
10) Catwoman: I didn't see it...but you don't always need to see a dead fish to know it's rotten.

9) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: Beautiful cinematography, innovative camerawork. Too bad the script was stale.

8) Day After Tomorrow: So disappointing...this could have been a wonderful end-of-the-world movie...but instead it was a let's wreck NYC special effects nightmare.

7) Closer: Oh, goody. Four unfaithful people who constantly swear. Obviously a "feel good" movie.

6) Christmas with the Kranks: How dare anyone not conform...especially at Christmas!

5) Butterfly Effect: Everything that happens in the past affects the present. Too bad they didn't go back and stop them from making this movie.

4) The Passion of the Christ: The greatest story ever told? Perhaps. But churches urging parishoners to "bring a heathen to the movies" kind of goes against the whole "Golden Rule" thingy, dontcha think?

3) Laws of Attraction: Two lawyers get drunk and get married. Someone should have objected.

2) Shall We Dance?: See the original Japanese version. The American remake is identical...but without the cultural background, it has no point and makes no sense.

1) Sideways: Please. If I wanted to see a couple of losers and some w(h)ine, I'd go to Yankee Stadium. Am I the only one who sees a naked emperor, here?

Most Anticipated Films of 2005:
5) Memoirs of a Geisha: I'm curious to see how the lyrical novel translates onto the big screen.

4) Corpse Bride: Finally, a follow-up to The Nightmare Before Christmas, and with Johnny Depp!

3) Bewitched: I've always said Nicole Kidman would make a perfect Samantha...but I also said Jim Carrey would be the perfect Darren.

2) Fever Pitch: Life imitates art...and the art got a new ending when the Red Sox won the World Series!

1) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: I have a first US edition hardback copy of the original 1980 novel. I've been waiting for this movie for 25 years.
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