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In Good Company and Elektra [Jan. 25th, 2005|09:35 pm]
한국 사람이 아니다
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On my blessed snow day, I saw my first two movies of 2005. The first was In Good Company, the movie Topher Grace said he "phoned in" to Brad Pitt in Ocean's 12. Directed by the guy who gave us About a Boy, it's surprisingly good.
Dennis Quaid is the old guy. Topher Grace is the young hotshot. Each believes the other has it all together...but we see that neither really knows what they're doing. It's nice. Nobody, no matter how on top of it they may appear, really is that calm and collected. There's a silly romance with Grace and Scarlett Johansson (who plays Quaid's older daughter), but really, this movie is about to guys on opposite sides of what we used to call the Generation Gap learning from each other. It's charming. And look for a cameo by John Cho, Harold from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

Then I saw Elektra, mainly because I like Jennifer Garner. I don't understand how wearing a bodice and tight leather pants and false eyelashes makes her a better fighter, but hey. It's...well, it's probably more interesting to comic book geeks, but some of the characters were interesting. The Tattoo guy, whose tattoos could come alive, that was interesting. And the Frank Lloyd Wright house was incredible! But...well...it just seemed too easy. Elektra vanquishes all the bad guys, saves the good guys, and everyone lives happily ever after. Well. Except the bad guys...they're dead. But they aren't supposed to live happily ever after. Like I say, I'm sure this made more sense to people who read comics. Still, it was marginally better than Daredevil, so that's something.