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Collateral [Sep. 12th, 2004|01:19 pm]
한국 사람이 아니다
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[Current Music |Grosse Point Blank]

Somehow, Collateral has managed to earn an 86% on the TomatoMeter, and I really have no idea why. Did the other reviewers see a different cut of this film than I did? Jamie Foxx is excellent, and I love Mark Ruffalo as much as anyone. Tom Cruise, however, is a compete asshole in this, and after about five minutes you wish someone would shoot either him or you, just to make it stop. Which is interesting, because evidently the writer and director felt the same way.

What could have been a neat little thriller is grounded by random facts, unexplored ideas and just plain disorganisation. It starts down one path, ducks into a side alley, stops in at a corner store and ends up going to the beach...it's like one of those Family Circus where one of the kids is walking somewhere, and a dotted line follows him as he meanders across the entire Sunday panel. You want to take Michael Mann, shake him very hard, and scream "Cut to the chase!" It's also got quite a few of the same conceits (not to mention the same sorts of fortunate coincidences) used in Cellular, which makes you wonder why the critics pan that film and laud this one. The only place anyone seems to be paying any attention is the timing; clocks are shown several times, and the time is consistently accurate. It seems to also be geographically accruate as well; having been to LA only about a dozen times, I can't really say.

But hey. We get to see Koreatown, Staples Center and the MTA, so it's not a complete waste of an hour and 40 minutes.